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IETC 2015 & IRSEM 2015

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IETC 2015 & IRSEM 2015
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27 May 2015
28 May 2015
29 May 2015
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25 May 2015
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20 Haziran 2015
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Konu ve Kurullar vb.

Konu ve Kurullar vb.




The convergence of recent technologies, web and mobile technologies, provides unique opportunities and an infrastructure for both face to face and online learning environments. However, specific environments for constructing knowledge are needed. In such environments, knowledge media should bring together the technology and learning theories to form meaningful settings for learners with different academic, administrative and support needs. IETC aims to provide an environment for experts to discuss the current state of the art for learning in schools, industry and universities. Virtual environments, CSCL, m-learning, e-training and e-learning will be topics of particular interest.

     IETC conference is supported by many universities and organizations, and it is venued by National Central University where the academic culture has long been a tradition. Further, the SSCI Indexed scholarly Journal TOJET sponsors the event through publishing selected papers. As it is the tenth annual event, IETC series has already formed a large, multi-national and friendly community of colleagues who love to share ideas. IETC invites you to submit proposals for papers and poster presentations.


The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to:
 Asynchronous Learning
 Authoring Technology
 Best Practices In ICT Classrooms
 Constructivist Perspectives
 Cooperative/Collaborative Learning
 Data Mining Strategies For E-Learning Organizations
 Diffusion Of Innovation
 Distance and Open Learning
 Educational Technology & Globalization
 Best Practices In ICT Classrooms
 Human Resources In Educational Technology
 Human-Computer Interaction
 Hypermedia Applications
 ICT Integration
 ICT Literacy In Education
 Improving Classroom Teaching
 Innovation and Change In Education
 Instructional Design
 Intelligent E-Learning Systems
 Intelligent Training Technology
 Interactive E-Learning Systems
 Interactive Learning Environment
 Knowledge Management In E-Learning
 Knowledge Management In E-Learning
 Learning and Content Management Systems
 Learning and Teaching With Technology
 Learning Objects
 Life Long Learning and Technology
 Mobile Learning
 Multimedia Applications
 Network Based Education and Training
 Pedagogical and Practical Issues
 Professional Development & Teacher Training
 Simulations In Education
 Teaching/Learning Strategies
 Video Games For Learning
 Virtual Classroom, Virtual University
 Classroom Teacher Education
 College and Higher Education
 Curriculum and Instruction
 Democracy Education
 Development of Science Competencies
 Distance Education
 Education and Culture
 Educational Administration
 Educational Planning
 Educational Technology
 High School Teacher Education
 Learning and Teaching
 Learning Psychology
 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
 New Learning Environments
 Pre-school Education
 Science Education
 Social Sciences Teaching
 Society Involvement
 Special Education
 Teacher Training
 Vocational Education


Önemli Tarihler

Proposal & Abstract Submission Deadline: Until May 25, 2015

Full Paper Submission : Until June 20, 2015

Registration: Until May 26, 2015

Conference: May 27-29, 2015

Attention: When you submit your paper you will be informed about your submission in 4-5 days whether it is accepted or not.

Yer ve Katılım Bilgileri

Katılım-Konaklama vb. Bilgiler


Registration Fee

Paper Presentation & Poster Presentaion: 350 € - 480$

Video Presentation : 250 € - 350 $

Registration Fee for Audience: 200€ - 250 $

Türkiyedeki Öğretim Üyelerine katılım ücreti 500 TL dir.


NOT: Sanal Pos ile ödeme sadece yurtdışı katılımcılar için açıktır. Türkiye'li katılımcılarımızın EFT veya Havale yolu ile ödeme yapmalarını rica ederiz.

Account Numbers

Turkish Lira Account


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Account Name: IZZET GENC

IBAN: TR24 0006 2001 2350 0006 6971 05

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IBAN: TR26 0006 2001 2350 0009 0996 62


USS Dollar Account


Garanti Bank Adapazari Branch - Branch Code: 1235

Account Name: IZZET GENC

IBAN: TR96 0006 2001 2350 0009 0996 63


Important Notes

When you pay your registration fee with bank account number please only write your name and your paper code to the debit explanation field.

** When you pay your registration fee please be careful to write reciever name as "IZZET GENC" Bank Address: Garanti Bankasi Serdivan Subesi Serdivan / Sakarya TURKEY.

Company Address: Hacioglu Mah. Cumhuriyet Caddesi 5041. Sokak No:1 Erenler / Sakarya / TURKEY.

Tel: +90 (537) 676 38 24 Fax: +90 (264) 282 40 85

Company Tax Number: 341 416 502 06

*** Registration fee should be paid for each submitted paper.

**** Sanal Pos ile ödeme sadece yurtdışı katılımcılar için açıktır. Türkiye'li katılımcılarımızın EFT veya Havale yolu ile ödeme yapmalarını rica ederiz.


Special discounted room rates are provided for participants who booked their rooms through us… Once you fill and sent the room reservation form, official travel agent of the conference will contact you within the next working day for pre room booking and payment types.

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